The reliability of school technology and IT specialists can sometimes be an issue for schools. Teachers feel more confident when an 'expert' is available to assist.

The Religious Literacy Assessment includes a high level of technical support which has contributed to the system's success. We provide real time solutions directly with system developers to ensure troubleshooting is fast and hassle free.

Support is also provided through training seminars with our staff, teacher user guides and video overviews. Teachers appreciate the advantages of our trial assessment periods, where any minor issues related to student data and logins can be identified prior to the main assessment.

Our Team

If you require assistance please call Religious Literacy Technical Support: 03 6234 7917

Patrick Nisbet

Patrick is the founder and CEO of Creative Ministry Resources Pty Ltd which publishes online Catholic parish and school resources through LiturgyHelp and Religious Literacy Assessment.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Theology, and has worked in Diocesan Youth Ministry and Education in a number of Dioceses across Australia.

Patrick enjoys developing web technology to advance the Catholic life of parishes and schools. His particular interest is the way that ICT can be used in church and education, with particular focus on developing models for real-time formative and summative assessments.

Clair Stanelos

Clair is the Executive Assistant at Creative Ministry Resources and is the primary database manager and client liaison for Religious Literacy Assessments. Her work in publishing at LiturgyHelp has given her extensive experience with the church’s official texts and liturgical documents.

She has a Batchelor of Science with majors in Maths and Physics from the University of Tasmania and is the current Director of Liturgy and Music at Sandy Bay-Taroona Parish, Tasmania.