About Us

The Religious Literacy Assessment System is a unique service which offers internet based Religious Literacy testing for Catholic Education Offices and Dioceses.

By utilising the latest in computing technology, the Religious Literacy Assessment System provides fast and easy access to customisable online assessments and automatic statistical analysis of post-assessment data.

Creative Ministry Resources developed the Religious Literacy Assessment over a three-year period in partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta. We now run assessments for over 40,000 students across ten dioceses within Australia and New Zealand.

The Religious Literacy Assessment System includes the actual online assessment, practice assessment, reporting, training seminars, user manuals and real time technical support for CEO staff, school administrators and teachers. The assessment can be customised in the areas of question content and types; visual style of the user interface; design and documentation; testing procedures and reporting.

We welcome all enquiries and look forward to assisting you to improve religious literacy outcomes in your diocese.

System Design

The key elements directing the design of the Online Religious Literacy Assessment are to gain the best possible student and teacher experience while still upholding the integrity of the data.

Student Behaviour

The system is built to cope with the behaviour of children through all different year levels and takes into account the way they may approach a computer-based test.

Robust Architecture

The system design uses the latest in Azure cloud technology to produce a highly scalable and robust environment, enabling thousands of students to access simultaneously.

Data Integrity

Algorithms check all data and complete multi stage processes to ensure questions are answered, pasted and stored to the cloud before the assessment can proceed.


Client Authentication and secure logins are generated for students, teachers, school administrators and diocesan administrators. The latest security measures apply to our Azure data servers.